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Tubb’s Hill and Maygar’s Hill, Victoria

Tubb’s Hill and Maygar’s Hill, Victoria

Tubb’s Hill
Hume Higway
Euroa 3666

Travellers on the Hume Highway in central Victoria pass a conspicuous, notable landmark: a tall, rocky outcrop today called Tubb’s Hill. It takes its name from Major Frederick Harold Tubb, who was awarded a Victoria Cross (VC) for his gallantry at Lone Pine on 9 August 1915.

Tubb is one of three men from the district who were awarded the VC in the early 20th century. Their achievements are celebrated in a memorial avenue at nearby Euroa. One of these men, Leslie Cecil Maygar, won his VC at Geelhoutboom, Natal, South Africa, in November 1901, where he assisted in the safe escape of a comrade. Lieutenant Maygar is commemorated with his own hill in the district.

The third VC recipient celebrated in Euroa’s Avenue of Honour is Corporal Alexander Stewart Burton. Under Tubb’s command, Burton, together with Corporal W Dunstan, resisted Turkish incursions into the Lone Pine trench they were ordered to hold at any cost. All three men were finally caught in a shell explosion which killed Burton and injured both Tubb and Dunstan.

A double line of plain trees along the entrance to Euroa on the old Hume Highway included bronze plaques which are now displayed as a group, hung in a frame and elevated for viewing in the centre of the town.

The three trees pictured are a part of a movement to restore the avenue.

Major Tubb, though he was seriously wounded and discharged with a damaged abdominal wall, re-enlisted and played an important role in the Battle of the Menin Road, 20 September 1917, during the Third Battle of Ypres. He was badly wounded there by a sniper and killed in a shell explosion while being stretchered from the battlefield.

All of these monuments to the memory of significant Australian soldiers are accessible to view from the Hume Highway and in Euroa township. The former Avenue of Honour, Clifton Street, is presently being upgraded, retaining and restoring its original purpose.