Wounded in Crete [AWM F00310]

After Bardia [AWM F01062]

Matron Annie Sage and her nurses at the 2nd Australian General Hospital at El Kantara, Egypt, look after Australians wounded at Bardia in January 1941. The film which was shot by official war photographer George Silk shows the very harsh desert conditions faced by everyone who was based there. It includes the distribution of Red Cross comforts and magazines to the patients as well as a visit by General Sir Thomas Blamey.

Wounded Anzacs return on the Oranje [AWM F00310]

Aussies evacuate Tobruk
A news item of the Australians' evacuation of Tobruk in October 1941. The film was produced by the AIF Cinema Unit. [AWM F00825]

Australian troop convoys in the Middle East [AWM F00310]

Private Richard ‘Gordon’ Hughes was a Field Ambulance stretcher bearer in 2/8th reinforcements in Syria, Lebanon, Tobruk and El Alamein. In these excerpts from his interview he describes some of his experiences at Tobruk.
[No: 0049, The Australians at War Film Archive]

Armoured fighting vehicles – Australian made! [AWM F0601]

USA journalists give us the once over. [AWM F01468]