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Gallipoli and the Anzacs

Gallipoli and the Anzacs full publication
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Introduction for teachers (pages 0–10)
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Unit 1—Australians at war in 1914 (pages 11–22)
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Unit 2—The Dardanelles strategy and geography (pages 23–30)
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Unit 3—The landings at Gallipoli—25 April 1915 (pages 31–46)
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Unit 4—The Gallipoli campaign (pages 47–62)
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Unit 5—Fighting and surviving at Anzac (pages 63–86)
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Unit 6—Receiving news of Gallipoli on the home front (pages 87–102)
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Unit 7—Understanding Anzac day—past, present and future (pages 103–120)
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This education resource provides teachers and students with learning activities and information on the experiences of the Anzacs at Gallipoli in 1915, contextualising the involvement of the Turkish, British, French and other Allied forces in the campaign. The resource aids students in discovering the main features of the campaign, including the landings of the Anzacs; the stories of soldiers and nurses involved; the roles of other allied nations; the experiences of families waiting at home; the evacuation; and the reasons why Gallipoli has been and continues to be commemorated as an event of national significance for Australians.

The published resource includes a copy of the ABC website Gallipoli, The First Day and a DVD Video containing two documentary films, Australians at War Episode Two and Revealing Gallipoli.