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About This Site

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs website, Anzac Portal: Education and Community Awareness for the Anzac Centenary 2014-2018 (the Anzac Portal) is designed to provide an educative focus for the Anzac Centenary.

The website provides a range of education resources to support classroom teaching of Australia’s wartime history.  The Anzac Portal contains a number of history publications, war history websites, a digital exhibition and veteran interviews to provide the education and wider communities with a greater understanding of Australia’s wartime experiences, both on the frontline and on the home front.

The Anzac Portal provides information about commemorative events occurring during the centenary, both in Australia and overseas, as well as information and music to support a community-based commemorative event.  It links to a range of government (both state and federal), cultural institution and veteran community websites relating to the centenary of Australia’s involvement in the First World War. 


All images on this website and its contents captioned with the prefix AWM are supplied by the Australian War Memorial.

Home Page Image Slider images: AWM H16064, AWM H16067, AWM P00481.001, AWM H01986, AWM A02603, AWM H11609.

Other home page images: AWM E00081, AWM P02097.002, AWM P06003.001, RELAWM16499.001Anzac Day poster image, Poppy image courtesy of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Berrima District Historical and Family History Society Inc 010/010476.

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