Alan Ward - Malaria

Running time
1 min 59 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


We used to sleep in the things there and at first before we had the tents, before we had the tents set up, we used to have just the nets set up, mosquito nets there and they were put up between one anyhow the mosquitoes were thick, they were as thick as anything…Atabrine. Atabrine was the order of the day. I don't know what they get now. Atabrine. A-T-A-B-R-I-N.

Some of the fellows they used to be a little bit cocksure, you know, "Oh, it wouldn't happen to me". Anyhow we used to get them issued every morning and we had our tablets, one tablet at a time. I was very very religious about taking mine. I took it every day and some of the others they used to, with the malaria, they used to be in the daytime, in the middle of the day with the hot sun and that, underneath the blanket jumping up and down, and all the rest of it. So anyhow, I don't know if they ever got rid of the malaria.

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