Alan Ward - Port Moresby and militia

Running time
1 min 54 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


We used to go into Port Moresby and we were just curious I suppose and we used to go in there and before we got in there the militia, the militia were there and I don't know how long before that they were there but when we got there everything was a shambles.

The radio station was flattened. It was no more. They must have just picked on that and bombed it and then the store in there, the general store that had boots and socks and clothes and everything else.

The militia used to just go through that and if they found something to their size, they'd take it and if they didn't, they'd chuck it out like that and that was like a shambles there, but anyhow. The only thing they didn't bomb was a big, the big palatial…public house and that was the biggest one in Port Moresby and that wasn't touched so whether they were thinking about what they could, and I think they picked their targets for it because they used to think "Well, we'll have to make use of it later on". Anyhow, they used to pick and choose.

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