Alison Worrall - Father in WW1

Running time
1 min
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


My father was hit by shell in the forehead and left for dead, and found to be still alive, and woke up a fortnight later. It was a terrible head injury. He was traumatized by the war, but what he remembered was the happy things about it.

He was a farmer, he got on well with the French farmers. Those sorts of things he spoke about, we found what happened to him because he'd just been newly promoted and went to Cambridge to get his commission, and ran cross country with them, and sang in Kings College Choir, and loved that.

He went back as a young lieutenant, and it was 40 miles of heavy artillery firing, and one of his men got hit and he was bent down to put a dressing on him, and he got hit too. So, it was this chap who was able to see what happened to him later on. He'd been carted off with the bodies, found to be still alive. Yeah.

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