Alison Worrall - Opinion of Anzac Day and the war

Running time
1 min 33 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Well, I don't think you'll like what I'm going to say about this. I feel that we shouldn't be celebrating a defeat, we're the only country that does that. We shouldn't have been there in the first place, the Turks were defending their own land, we were in an impossible position down below.

A great number of French and English died there too, yeah, so we're the only ones I know who are celebrating a defeat. Everyone else celebrates a victory, we should be celebrating in the Second World War, we were greatly in danger, and we were saved. That's much more important, so no, this Anzac Day goes on and on.

To me, I know it's a holy thing, but not to me yeah. But I'm there all the time. What I think about it, and every day here we come, those people aren't forgotten. To see those wasted lives, it's a scandalous thing. All this money we spend on killing each other is just we've failed as a species. It causes me great distress. Is that the best we can do? Is think of bigger ways of killing each other. Waste of lovely young lives. Never forget them.

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