Andy Anderson - The Duke of Yor

Running time
1 min 43 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


I was thinking of these Englishmen who controlled the dinghy section. They used to send the boats out to collect the crews and take engineers out to work on the aeroplanes and we had a visit by the Duke of York and the CO had lined up all the Australians on the tarmac overlooking where the boats were moored and the Duke was walking along shaking people's hands and it was a lovely Sunday morning.

I remember it was quiet and blue sky. And there was an Australian engineer working on one of the aircraft in the cat water and as the Duke was walking along you could hear this Australian say, "Dinghy," to the dinghy section. But all these Englishmen were watching the parade. I mean, they weren't involved in it because they were Englishmen and they were watching the parade.

So this Australian, he became more and more irate and the shouting got louder and then the blasphemy started. And when he came out with the worst he could possibly think of I watched the Duke and he actually shuddered. And of course, immediately a dinghy went sailing out to collect this guy. Mostly to shut him up, I think.

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