Andy Anderson - The Motorcar

Running time
2 min 13 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Well, I bought a little motorcar. My family were very kind to me. They used to send me over fruitcakes and my father would put them in a round tin, put the lid on it and solder it so that it arrived in perfect condition. I used to swap them for petrol coupons. I shouldn't have told him when I got home, but I did. Anyway, so I could get plenty of petrol coupons so I used to just put a few things in the back of this thing and just go off down to Cornwall or up to London.

It was really great when we got a bit of leave to have a motorcar. We got in my car, four of us, and we drove to Torquay. Now why we chose Torquay I don't know except that it was a very fashionable place and we thought that it must be the biggest party place we could go to.

So we were driving from Plymouth to Torquay and we passed a house that was absolutely flooded with Australian flags. There were Australian flags all over the garden and we stopped and said, "Gee, we could do with one of those flying from the front of the car." So I raced into this house and I said, you know, the people were quite amazed to see somebody there and I said, "I wonder if I can buy one of your flags?" And they said, "Why?" And I said, "Well, they're Australian flags and we're Australian we want to buy one." He said, "You know I bought them as a job lot and I've never known what they were."

Anyway, for the rest of the journey we had this Australian flag tied to the front of the little Austin.

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