Angas 'Gus' Murray Hughes - Crewing up

Running time
1 min 6 sec
Department of Veterans' Affairs


I didn't want to be a pilot, I wanted to be a navigator and finished up as a ... which was a navigator bomb-aimer and I finished up doing the tour as a bomb-aimer.

Well, it was a real mixture, we're all in this one big room with people from all ... The gunners, the bomb-aimers and the pilots, and we just seemed to move around and we just picked, we were just lucky enough to just pick someone that we ... Or in our case that we were all so close together.

I don't know how it happened, but it was just one of those things. We finished up with two from the west and one from Melbourne, one from New South Wales, myself and we had an Englishman as an engineer.


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