Annie Sturzaker - teenager during First World War

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Annie Sturzaker was just 14 when the First World War broke out. She reflects on the moment when she found out about the war.


LIZ HAYES: I'm Liz Hayes. For International Women's Day 2019, we recognise the role of women in wartime. Women like Annie Sturzaker, who was just 14 when the First World War began. More than 60,000 Australians lost their lives during that war. And while those who didn't return home will always be remembered, it was often left to the women and girls who had loved ones fighting to deal with the news. As Annie recalled.

ANNIE STURZAKER: I remember coming in and saying "well your tea is all ready, I got good news for you". Just as I was going to say what the good news was, they said "wars broke out, Australia's…" and of course we forgot about the tea. I remember it as of this day, I felt real sick. A lot of them were expecting it of course. And when it come out, these fellas all said: "My word, I'll go. I'll be there, I'll be there". And then when we was counting them up, the ones that was going to go, there wasn't going to be any boys left.

Poor old Mrs Brewer. She only had one the son, and I had to go and tell her he was dead. No one else would tell her. I still think of it. It's not as easy as it sounds, you know.

LIZ HAYES: Women in Wartime – recognising their role and their sacrifices during war and peacekeeping efforts.

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