AWM 110131

portrait photo of Private Victor Hudson in civillian clothes standing infront of a car with his family.  In the background are buildings with arch windows

For many escapers, getting off Singapore only delayed their capture. Private Victor Hudson, 22nd Brigade Headquarters, left Singapore one hour before the capitulation on a Chinese junk headed for Sumatra. His escape party missed the organised evacuation of escapees from the south coast of Sumatra, so bought a boat and set sail for India. They were blown off course by a storm and landed in Burma, where they were captured. Hudson was held at Moulmein and Rangoon Gaols. When the Japanese withdrew from Rangoon in early 1945, he escaped from a column of prisoners evacuated by the Japanese and reached British lines on 5 May 1945. He is pictured with his family after his return to Australia in June 1945. (AWM 110131)

AWM 110131
Australian War Memorial
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