Bernard Scanlan - Camp life

Running time
1 min 17 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Infantrymen they never had a very stylish set up in terms of camp life was concerned. What little time we ever spent in a camp, because half the time when you're out training or out in action, on patrols, you were living under a cover of trees. They'd have an oven there with someone to prepare food for you, which was pretty much canned. There was never very fancy food, that was sure, but you didn't expect it.

The fellows who were there, they didn't expect anything to be flash about it, because you were toughened up to this life, and for that reason, I think that each one, in turn, accepted what they got, although it was mainly pretty straight cooking, whatever they'd heat up for you. Now there was nothing about it in that department. You camped out with a groundsheet under you, a cover over you, and nothing more.

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