Bernard Scanlan - Effects of war back home

Running time
1 min 21 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


The situation then was that every many and his dog, like mum, dad, and the kids, were all deeply involved with the war effort. Country people particularly, and city people were all working because there was such a shortage of manpower.

The number of fellows that were lost during the war years, like those airmen I knew, still never found. Their plane's down there somewhere. They never found it again, but ... For most of those young people, they were all family orientated.

Country folk. Broke a lot of homes, there's no doubt. The war had made some men and broke others. I saw fellows in Central Railway Station, country blokes, who were just going from one to the other, fighting people for money that they'd spend on the booze and that sort of thing. Never sober. They just drank day and night. Those country fellows really did it the hard way, there's no doubt. You couldn't help them.

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