Bernard Scanlan - Life in Port Moresby

Running time
1 min 27 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Port Moresby was pretty uncomfortable at that stage because right in the middle of the port, a ship had been sunk, which meant that we had to be taken off our ship onto pontoons and taken ashore.

At that period of time, we were housed right in Port Moresby till we were transferred up into a camp, up into the hillsides. Small camps that they established to receive the reinforcements, and those fellows coming back from hospital were sent to there until the time we were picked up and brought back to Townsville or to Brisbane.

We were all doing our share in long hikes. A terrible lot of route marches there at that time. They were through open country and highways, down the country roads. It was a pretty tough period of time there because we were all young and had little experience in terms of, after having left Bathurst, a terribly cold place for fellows that left the coast and went down there. It was a bitterly cold winter.

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