Bernard Scanlan - Nadzab Brother In law

Running time
1 min 40 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


The first afternoon we were there, these Japanese fellows had come within reach of us and they had a small mountain gu which was firing fairly big shells, and, overhead into the trees, they had our complete distance because of their ability to be able to track down where we were.

We were forewarned that night, on guard duty, which was pretty nerve-racking, be careful if you heard the voice say, "Jack". You'd say, "Yes" and Jack would duck back to tell all his mates. Of course, the next thing was we were under heavy fire. But that didn't happen, though. We got on top of our fellows. We were very well educated in that department, and they went out round them. Needless to say, my wife later, when I came home, my wife, her brother was with me, Joe Buckley. He was a member of the battalion, and bugger me, I saw him get shot in the leg as well. There was a lot of firing this afternoon.

We were coming out of a situation where we were being withdrawn and the Nips were dug into the heavy undergrowth and Joe got knocked off. He went to his grave with the shrapnel in his back from a Japanese mine that ... while he was in the Owen Stanleys. He had been in the Middle East too, Joe Buckley.

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