Bernard Scanlan - Night camp raids

Running time
1 min 1 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Yes, there was a number of aircraft shot down around us. Of course, anyone of a night that lit a cigarette, you had to do it under a blanket or under something, because from an aircraft, they'd say to you, the sight of a match would be the size of that frame there and, of course, that gave the whole show away.

They'd delight in coming round of a night. Not so much of day travel, but night, you were always on the alert. A number of times there, they would raid a camp, but it would be a bit short of the camp direct hit, though, or something like that, and destroy a vehicle of some description. It was certainly always on your mind to be able to ... Of course, we began to get very alert then, to the sound of different aircraft.

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