Bernard Scanlan - Reunions, Relationships, Anzac Marching

Running time
1 min 33 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Having organised these reunions, those that were coming from South Australia to Lismore, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Pat and I would do the bookings at the motels and then canvas the RSL Club for a luncheon and have that all organized, and they'd spend a couple of days in Lismore with us around the place before they'd head back to their respective areas.

It was a lifetime relationship, those. They just petered out at the end of the 33rd year. They were unfit to travel, these fellows. They were all older men, whereas we were still active. Our fellows, particularly. The local lads. But today, there's none left. Not one in Lismore area, Grafton ... Those areas are well skinned out. Have passed on."

Speaker 2: Not one left?

Brisbane is very thin with a few members up there. I noticed in Sydney march this time, most of the families have joined behind the battalion now, to fill the vacancies of their parents, and they march with the banner. Second 33rd.

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