Bernard Scanlan - Training in Bathurst - Older soldiers

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1 min 7 sec
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Department of Veterans' Affairs


The elderly officers about us were very determined old gentlemen for us young fellows, because in that period of time, you can imagine the intake that I went in with were all young fellows. There was no senior members. You had to be very particular. They wouldn't release me to go on an early campaign, because my age. They were very stringent about that.

The old officers were a bit hard to bear on the young fellows, because they were First World War men, most of them. It was the making of a lot of young fellows, because a lot of the city boys had not been brought up as the country lads were, and I suppose they were all a bit cheeky, but ... like all young fellows. There again, the old officers had you under the thumb all the time, and of course, if you did the wrong thing, you paid.

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