Bill Black - Attitudes toward the Vietnamese

Running time
1 min 29 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


I remember one of the things I picked up on in the police force very early, that they liked to think, in my day, which was a different police force, that they had that mateship and that. And I used to think “You bastards wouldn't know what it was”.

So there's a difference between working shifts with guys and then not seeing them for... well, the small stations which I worked on in the hills for the first 12 years you were constantly working with the guys, but the bigger ones you might not.But it was a different feeling to every step you took, you're relying on that guy and he was relying... Excuse me, relying o n you. So that I picked up.

And I can remember when Malcolm Fraser started to bring in the Vietnamese refugees. I'll generalise in saying this, but at least 50 or 60 per cent of the coppers I worked with hated them.

And I used to say to them, "You've never met any." I had met a few, and they were really... well the girls in the bars, they were fantastic company. And I'd say, "You've never met them." And I said, "I was bloody fighting them to stay alive, " and I said, "I've got no animosity against them, and yet you buggers that have never spoken to one in your life, you've got this massive hate campaign against them." And that used to intrigue me.

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