Bill Black - In the field (part one)

Running time
I min 2 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Well you harboured up through the night. I suppose we moved around the choppers, probably seems more than we were, so I guess a company would go into an area, the louie would get given the job. If you count the company headquarters there would've been five platoons because they were a fairly big group that moved.

I suppose you got given a sector to patrol or set an ambush up in. I don't know whether we covered a lot of ground some days or... I had 120 pound on my back and I was the medic so I hate to think what the guys carrying the M60s had on. I think they were 26 pounds the M60s. They seemed to have an endless supply of ammo belts wrapped around them. Their number twos carried a load of ammo and they had a spare barrel for the M60, and you had your riflemen that carried link for the M60s, and that was by three.

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