Bill Black - Nightmares and flashbacks

Running time
1 min 6 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


I, like the rest of them, suffered the nightmares and the flashbacks for decades. The nightmares I don't know might've lasted 10, 15 years. Flashbacks were totally constant, were all the time. Yeah. Karen would say I'd be thrashing around in bed.

One of the most reoccurring ones, and I was conscious of it, was there'd be a knock on the door and the MPs would be there, and I'd say, "What do you bastards want?" And they'd say, "You've got to come back with us," and I'd say, "I've done my two years," and they'd say, "No, you were short of a month, you've got to come back." And I had that for... so the fear of going back I suppose was... but I'd say mainly the flashbacks, they've only been gone in the last, I don't know four, five years.

If I go out on a limb, five years. But I can be talking to you guys having a beer here or anywhere, and suddenly for no reason you'd flash. And you hear that from most of the guys. It'd just come back like it was yesterday. Not even a trigger, no. It would just come back, you wouldn't need a trigger.

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