Bill Egerton - Lady Mountbatten

Running time
2 min 7 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


One day they said 'Smarten yourself up Egerton. You're a navy man and we have a navy man's wife ready to come to the hospital because she heard there was a navy man here and evidently that's you" and I said, "You beauty". So they smarted me all up and in walked Lady Mountbatten, Edwina Mountbatten and that was in January I think, around my birthday time but anyhow the photographers took photos of her and it was on the front page of our local paper, the Telegraph and I was famous for the last few days of the war until I got better…

She just said "I believe that you have been on one of my country's and your country's ships and I said "Yes" and I told her how we got on and she said "I know all that history". She said, "It was wonderful to know that you are getting better and the war is over" and did I have a girlfriend a mother still alive and all personal questions just like a friend to a friend or a mother, she was older than me and at that time she was getting a bit of a ribbing about Nehru the Indian prime minister about her playing up with him but Lord Louie got killed by the IRA later on. It wasn't a very nice end to her story.

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