Bill Williams - Eating with the Americans

Running time
1 min 2 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


We were living in the boat with the Americans then…ice cream and everything. Coffee whenever you wanted. Ice cream for lunch. They lived in the lap of luxury they did, really…They'd do anything for you.

They'd give you a carton of cigarettes for… a tin of evaporated milk. They used to use it for cream. But they'd give you a carton of cigarettes for a time of that which we shouldn't have given them tins because we had to break open a case to give them but doesn't matter.

They were only little things…While we were unloading the boat we ate with the Americans. I had a little tiny plate. I always carried a little tiny plate.

On my first meal he picked it up and threw it straight in the rubbish bin and said, "This is no good" and gave me a plate this big. They looked after us. They looked after us well.

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