Bill Williams - A gruesome souvenir

Running time
1 min 19 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


We were up on top of this hill that had been levelled off and we were pitching our tent and that sort of thing and we're smarties, we thought we'd go out and get a load of bamboo and we were going to build out of the top of this. So we did that, got the bamboo, and there were three Japs there and they're dead, naturally, otherwise we wouldn't have stayed. But there were these Japs there and one big fella. I think he must have been a Formosan or something like that.

I was with Jackie and a young bloke from the West. I can't think of his name but he said, "I want a souvenir'. And I said, "Well, go ahead, please yourself. Get what you want." He said, "That blokes got a belt around him'. The big bloke had a belt around him. "I'll take that'. And the stench was pretty bad. So he reached down and he got it and pulled it and pulled it and pulled it and the next thing, half the Jap went that way and half the Jap went that way. He cut him fair in half. Pulled the belt right through him. Yeah, I remember that. Whew, the smell.

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