Bill Williams - Sightseeing through enemy territory

Running time
1 min 21 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Joe, Jackie, and I got a bit bored watching a boat getting unloaded once so we said to one of the Yanks that was there "We're going for a trip around the island". Jack was in transport and I was in transport, so we went and got a jeep out of transport.

We decided we'd go for a run around the island. Late in the afternoon, coming on dark. We knew where we were going. We knew there was a road right around the island, so we were going to take that one.

So we took it down and we come right around and we come down here and when we got here some Aussie raced out with a rifle and said, "Halt" and all the rest of the junk so we stopped, naturally, and he said, "What do you think you're doing?" "We're just having a look around. Why?" "Well, you gotta see the officer" and he brought the officer of the day and by geez, didn't he wail into us.

He said, "You just came through Japanese occupied territory". We didn't know there were any Japs over there. Just came through Japanese occupied country and they never even looked like interfering with us but it frightened the Hell out of when he told us. We went straight back to the ship then.

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