Bill Williams - Training

Running time
1 min 5 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


My brother and I went down to join up together and we decided we wanted to go in the air force…

My training, I went to Shepparton in Victoria to do my rookies. After that they made a blue. Then they sent us to Geelong but when we got there to Geelong, they said they didn't want us. They sent us to Adelaide.

So we went to Adelaide and we were doing an electricians' course and about three parts in of the course they decided they had enough electricians, they decided they wanted some radio mechanics. So they picked us up and took us all to Sydney.

So we took over a couple of hotels in Bondi, the Astra, and the Pacific and then we went from there to … we used to do our work in Ultimo…We used to get the bus every morning to Ultimo which was a fair fair trip.

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