Bob Jubb - 466 Squadron

Running time
2 min 14 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


When we arrived at 466 squadron, at Driffield, which had 466 already there and 462 being formed, there was an Australian CO, and his name was Group Captain Forsythe. Apparently his record of service was he'd done about a dozen trips in the Pacific, and he got kicked upstairs to be in command of this squadron in England.

He lined us up and he said "Right, now, stand at attention", and he said "I'll let you know how we run this squadron. We'll have MO inspection every week. Make sure your boots were beside the bed, and you have your tie on, and you always salute officers", and "Could we have a push bike?" "Certainly not, you'll walk". We didn't mind because we were operating.

It was a very intense, in fact moving from one squadron to another I completed my first tour of operations of 30 trips in 3 months. We'd just seemed to be, you know, either operating or sleeping, and that was it. Our heads were kept down and that was life. I completed 30 trips. I had a few adventures in that, you know, we got beaten up by a night fighter, we managed to escape from that.

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