Bob Jubb - Emergency landing

Running time
1 min 44 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


We came back on three engines on a couple occasions. We had to land away at the emergency dromes at Woodbridge, which had what's called FIDO, fog dispersal.

The runways at the three emergency dromes, of Manston, Woodbridge, and Carnaby. The runways were three miles long, and they had grass and tarmac, or concrete, and then grass again, so that anybody that came in with no hydraulics and no brakes, they could land on the grass and they'd pull up quicker.

If the undercarriage collapsed there was less likelihood of a fire starting on grass than on concrete. So that was the purpose of those aerodromes. Also they were able with a series of kerosene lit flares to create such convergion of the moisture laden atmosphere that they would disperse the fog so you could see the runway and come in and land.

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