Bob Jubb - Enlistment

Running time
2 min 56 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


When World War 2 was declared, my brother was an accountant in the National Bank in Stanthorpe, and he joined up and departed Australia in 1940. I had just left school, and as he was in the Armed Forces, I wanted to do my bit as well.

My brother said to me, "If you go and join up, you'll get six shillings a day, but if you work for a bank as I did," as he did, he said, "Your wage will probably be 21 shillings a day, and the bank will make up the pay." So I joined the Bank of New South Wales, and they posted me out to Dirranbandi. I made a lot of good mates there, and when the recruiting train came round to Dirranbandi, which was the end of the railway line, we all went down and signed up. But the Air Force put you on a reserve list, which they did with me.

My other mates joined the Army, and they were up and away, but I was left, and it wasn't till about a year later that I was called up. It was 1942 before I joined the Air Force. I was always mechanically inclined and very interested. I had a great love of machines because I thought, really, they would probably be more reliable than people. You could ask a lot of them, and they'd just do it. The Air Force had already shown, you know, the 1940 battles and the Battle of Britain were pretty inspiring stuff, so I thought it'd be wonderful to be able to participate in that kind of activity.

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