Bob Jubb - Evading capture, part 2

Running time
2 min
Date made

Department of Veterans' Affairs


When I got near the frontline I had to swim this, I don't know what it was, I thought it might have been the Waal River, but it may not have been, must have been a tributary. I had to take my boots off and put them around my neck, and swim over this river. It would've only been from me to that wall wide, but you couldn't wade over, so I had to sort of swim over, and then dry myself, put me boots on and get going.

One occasion I got a bit of a fright. I came to this five barred fence. I'm heading west and southwest as best I can, and I'm confronted by this. I'm walking along the fence for a few hundred yards this way, and that way. There was no way round. I looked, and it had a notice up, it had , 'Achtiung Minen'. Minefield.

So I thought, "Well I don't know, I can't go, 'm not gonna keep going at a right angles to the way I've gotta go, either that way or that way. I've gotta go this way, so I thought "Oh bugger it, maybe it's an old minefield or something". So I got down, I crawled under the barbed wire. I tip toed through this area. I never got blown up. I was lucky.

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