Bob Jubb - Evading capture, part 3

Running time
2 min 24 sec
Date made

Department of Veterans' Affairs


I could hear this artillery firing. I kept going and I came to this village and I walked around the corner and I came face to face with two German soldiers. They had their rifles slung, and one bloke just opened his mouth, and he said, he looked at me and said "?" "Ich bin ein ?", and at that stage, two Lightnings flew over the village with this deafening roar, and everybody took off.

I ran in the opposite direction to the soldiers. I thought, "I don't want to continue this conversation". I took off and these other, there were a couple of villagers around. Everybody flew out.

These Lightnings, the next thing they loosed off rockets. They had rockets under their wings. Later I found they were shooting at tanks. I came upon a tank, you know, I don't know it was an hour or two later but anyway I came on this tank that had been knocked out.

There were bodies there, and there were sub machines guns lying around and so on. I looked at all this mess, and thought "I don't want to get involved in this. I'll keep going", and I came on where these Germans have these artillery pieces, probably 88 millimetres. They're shooting in that direction, which was the direction I wanted to go, and I thought "Well, wherever they're pointing, that's where I gotta be. I gotta be there".

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