Bob Jubb - Evading capture, part 4

Running time
3 min 14 sec
Date made

Department of Veterans' Affairs


I went off down this road, and I'm sort of proceeding on this road. The next thing, machine gun fire is stitching the road. It was a concrete road and the bullets are flying off that. By then I'm in the table drain, facedown. Every time I'd sort of progress forward with my backside stuck up, they'd stitch the bank. I thought, you know, this is a really unfriendly place here. This is bad news. I thought "Well, I can't stay here. I gotta keep going", and the only way I could keep going was along this table drain.

I went a few hundred yards. I came to, there's a dead German lying in the drain. He's at the foot of a telephone pole. I don't know whether he'd cut the wires or what he did. Anyway, he was dead down here. I thought "Jesus, there's no room to go around him". So I had to go over him. So we got acquainted. I quickly, like, somersaulted over him, and my mates stitched the bank again. I kept urging on by this machine gun which was pretty unfriendly, and I kept thinking "If I stay here, they'll come out and get me. I'm not keen on that. I've gotta keep going". So I kept going, and in the end I kept going until the German shells were landing and kicking up dirt.

I thought this is the end of the road. I can't go any further. So I lay there and sort of thought about things, and I thought "Right, what I'm gonna do, at night time they won't see me. They're not gonna come over looking for me in the dark. They won't do that. I'll get going". Then I thought "Yeah, but if I get going in the dark, and I'm going where I hope my friends are, it'll be shoot first and ask questions later". So I thought "Look, while there's light I gotta get going".

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