Bob Jubb - Journey to Scotland

Running time
1 min 42 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Finally, the relaxation ran out, and we were posted to catch a ship up in Halifax, Nova Scotia. So we travelled by train up to there, and we embarked on the Queen Elizabeth. And we were not alone, because there were twenty-odd-thousand American troops also embarked, and so we had to have our meals on the three-day journey racing across the Atlantic we had to have our meals in a rotation system. That's the only way they could feed everybody.

It went so fast. It went over 40 miles an hour, and it was unescorted. At one stage, we did a left-hand turn and threw everybody off-balance. There was obviously a submarine scare, but they did a left-hand turn and shot off somewhere. We finally came down from Iceland and over down into Greenock in Scotland, but we never really saw anything else except the limitless ocean.

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