Bob Semple - Desert v Jungle

Running time
1 min 17 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


The unseen is the biggest problem in the jungle. That registers in more ways than one. There would be more, in my humble opinion, more taxing on the system than the ironmongery that gets thrown around in the other area.

The desert actually was a good place to have a big war to be quite honest. That sounds silly, forgive me for saying that but in my opinion it was wide open territory. There was no women and children or any of that sort of involvement.

Teams were operating against each other and it gave them room, large areas of room to move. Some of those tank battles, you know, they're talking 200 or 300 tanks running around the paddock having a go at one another.

It's a frightening thought. Mayhem. Mayhem.

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