Bob Semple - Stuka attacks

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Department of Veterans' Affairs

Bob Semple enlisted on 18 June 1940. He was proud to be one of the 'Rats of Tobruk' and also fought in the Battle of El Alamein. Later, he would serve in the Brunei Bay area of Borneo. He talked about the accuracy of German artillery and air attack during the siege.


The hurly burly of action, of course, the artillery apart from what they call counter battery fire, your enemy was on you all the time with the sound ranging and flash spotting equipment, they can pinpoint you pretty smartly but you didn't have the chance of shifting to another position sometimes to give you a bit of a temporary break as you can in other territory.

That was a bit hard to take and our duty of which, I always consider the infantry the back bone of the army in my book. Our job was to give them every support we possibly could.

You stand to no matter what and you take it and the Stukas gave us a fair sort of attention because they used this Stuka, a pretty accurate sort of a thing, it comes down, if you can imagine, and they scream, and they open every door or whatever apparatus they've got but they're screaming all the time they come down and you watch the bomb come from out under the plane and they're aiming straight at you, like that, and then they pull away. They were hard and the German artillery was pretty accurate.

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