Bob Semple - Ten killed in a truck

Running time
1 min 19 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


With the sixty pounders that we were using we tried to get a couple of alternative positions and dig them in another area, to shift the guns at night and that sort of thing and part of the team, there was ten on a crew of a sixty pounder.

A number of ancillary people were in the back of big truck in the middle of the day, quite quiet actually, sometimes in the middle of the day as it could be.

A lot of our infantry patrols were done at night. The infantry boys were very, very good at that sort of thing. They were coming back and there was a lone spotter up and he was just flying about and they wouldn't throw too much artillery up at the one bloke about the place because you're giving away your own position and that sort of thing and the German artillery had opened up and just dropped, they'd bracketed the movement of the vehicle and one of the gunfire shots landed in the back of the truck and killed ten blokes and they're in there all buried alongside one another.

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