Brad Dunn - The CPP threat

Running time
1 min 49 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


The CPP owned the country, so that's Hun Sen's mob. They were the toughest because you could look at them like being friendly forces, but once we got in there, they realized we were deposing them. We were going to run a free and fair election that could see them out. We wanted them to hand in their weapons as well as the Khmer Rouge and FUNCINPEC. They're all supposed to be disarming in a wonderful brotherhood.

The CPP soldiers became a watching threat. The Khmer Rouge, they'd occasionally come to harass, but they were never as bad as the CPP because they were everywhere. They were reinforcing and refueling, rearmmoing and arming up. Say six months in, the CPP, you could see that they were going to be a problem for us.

Our head headquarters was at the base of a hill and there was a CPP had the unit had a couple of weapons up on the hill, anti-aircraft obstensively. We realized they'd moved the position of the guns to shoot at us. They'd changed from being air support to aiming into our camp. We then had to counter by digging a big hole into which we would hide.

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