Cheryl Elston - Beautiful people

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Department of Veterans' Affairs


Yeah , obviously, walking from the barracks to the hospital, we actually went past the RPA, the Rwandan Patriotic Army, their barracks. So it was interesting how that relationship changed. So, initially, there'd be quite a few of them at the gate, a show of force, displaying all different weapons and things like that, but after a couple of months, they just didn't even look at us as we were walking past.

But with the locals, the kids were always eager to engage. They'd want to come up, and they'd practice their English with us, or they want to learn English, or they'd want stuff of us, lollies, or something like that, or biscuits. So you'd try to have something on you. When we went out on, because there was quite a few times that we'd go out to local orphanages or we went out to remote areas, and did trips around the country, trying to do some humanitarian aid where we would do some vaccination parades.s We went up into the IDP camps.

We went up to Kibeho and set up clinics up there where we could inoculate them and do what we called sick parades. So if they had wounds or something like that, we could give them some first aid to try to minimize and reduce infection. So, yeah. We did do a lot of interaction with the locals, and that was the best part of the trip. They were beautiful, beautiful, beautiful people. Beautiful.

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