Cheryl Elston - The boozer

Running time
1 min 7 sec
Department of Veterans' Affairs


You'd sit, read. There was a bit of a gym sort of setup, eventually. That took a little bit of time to happen. And after about, I think it was about two or three months, we actually got what we call a boozer, or a mess, which is where... there was an officer's mess, a senior NCOs' mess, or a senior non-commissioned officers' mess, where the warrant officers and the sergeants went.

And then, there was an ORs or other ranks boozer. And there we had soft drinks available, some local snacks you could buy over the bar, and things like that. And during certain times, we were allowed to have a couple beers and that was generally local-sourced beers from Kenya and things like that. But that was only open a couple of nights a week, and I think that was Fridays and Saturdays. So if you're on shift, you missed it.

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