Cheryl Elston - Changeover of contingents

Running time
1 min 8 sec
Department of Veterans' Affairs


We had the new team come in. We took them through our area, how it all worked, we handed over our rooms to the next group coming in. It was a pretty quick changeover because, obviously, there wasn't a lot of space. Again, it was broken up into a couple of groups. And so, it was very quick. They came in.

There was about a day, two days, and we went out. I had some friends from 1 Field Hospital, some medic friends that were coming in on the second rotation, so it was great to see them and tell them how we... we'd created some relationships like I had a particular group of little kids up at the camps in Kibeho that I wanted my friend to look after, so I made sure he knew. "When you get up there," I've told them, “You’ll see them”. I tried to describe them as best I could, just, "I'll send you over stuff and give it to them if you can." Yeah, little things like that, but it was pretty quick.

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