Cheryl Elston - Family tradition

Running time
55 sec
Department of Veterans' Affairs


I joined a little bit later than normal. I was 20 when I joined the ADF. Before I joined, I was a divisional therapist at Hammondville Nursing Home and also working for my father. He owned a business in Ingleburn. He'd done 23, 24 years in the army and got out and set up his own business.

So I was working for him, and then I also was working at the nursing home…just about every generation of our family has served in either a conflict or done service. So it was always a given growing up that I was going to join the army. But my plans, or my dreams, were I was going to join the army and be infantry, and I couldn't, so I figured I'd join the army as a medic and fix the guys, and yeah.

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