Cheryl Elston - Goodbye to family

Running time
1 min 9 sec
Department of Veterans' Affairs


So we went from 1 Field Hospital with a bulk, so once the group was confirmed, we went up to Townsville from Ingleburn because, essentially, it was a medical mission. So the bulk of us were from 1 Field Hospital, but we also drew on medics, and nurses, and doctors from other health, and that included, I think it was, 3 Busby at the time.

Obviously, they joined us once we got up to Townsville. Obviously, our protection element, which was the, at that time, 2nd/4th Royal Australian Regiment. I think it was Alpha Company came with us, off memory, I could be wrong on that. And so, we, basically, got up to there, did some further country briefs, and prepared to go from Townsville. So we had to say goodbye to family and everything in Sydney before we left.

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