Cheryl Elston - A shallow briefing

Running time
1 min 30 sec
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Yeah, it was interesting, actually, because I guess there was not a lot known, and, initially, there wasn't quite a lot of clarity about who was going, how big we were going to be, and exactly what our role was to be. Like I said before, we had, there were some furphies going around that we were to provide aid to the actual UN troops, and that that was going to be our role, but we didn't know exactly what that looked like, so everybody was sort of, "Am I going or am I not?"

We got a little bit of country briefs, is what we called them now, and, essentially, that gave us a little bit of very, very, what we call wave top information about the two particular tribes and a little bit of the history, and, I would say, even a more shallow briefing of the culture. So for many of us, we hadn't traveled.

We didn't have a lot of exposure to developing countries, etc., so from what we were seeing on the news. Obviously, we'd all, in the recent history at that time, we had Somalia, and we had Cambodia, things like that, so those images were in our heads, that little bit of information. But it was pretty light on initially.

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