Clarence Dietman - Crashing a car into the Swan River

Running time
1 min 20 sec
Department of Veterans' Affairs


The radar station at Fremantle when I got my call out to Sydney to do the radar mechanics course. One of the seaman, friends of mine, he was a leading seaman, he was going over to do a new course in radar control.

He was able to get a hold of a car to drive us around. The bloke that usually drives the car came with us and I remember my leading seaman mate saying, "Can you drive the bloody thing?". He said, "Yeah." So, my mate drove around and we made sure he could drive it off and we went around the bend from Leeuwin, we had to go to Leeuwin.

He seemed to be doing alright. About an hour later, we saw the car being towed back by naval towers, water dripping from it. He ran the bloody truck into the ... the utility into the Swan River. I don't know how 'cause the road goes practically alongside the Swan, near Fremantle. That was a bit of a laugh.

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