Clarence Dietman - Leave and the Millionaires' Club

Running time
1 min 19 sec
Department of Veterans' Affairs


On Hyde Park, the Comfort's Fund had a free meal. We get a free meal there. We called it the Millionaire's Club. The Army had a special place you could have a meal for about a shilling, but this was entirely free.

If you got there late, you're lucky to get anything. They only got bloody green food if you got there late. Or you get to the sprout, and some ham. Just, you know, just a smorgasbord thing. Enough to fill your tummy. Didn't cost anything, 'cause we were terribly paid, you know, three-pound one fortnight and two-pound ten the next. You got free board of course.

See, the Yanks got more pay than that so they ... That's why they got more girls than what we did because they could afford the girls. That's why they got more girls. We were convalescing in this invalid place. A naval rehabilitation and recovery place. The sisters used to grab a couple of us, and we'd play golf on a Sunday morning instead of going to prayers.

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