Daniel Keighran - Risk assessment of action

Running time
54 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Well that's a tough one because I reflect on that often and it was necessary, I felt I had no other courses of action available to me at that point of time.

I certainly wouldn't recommend people doing it, however for me, you know, it was a conscious decision of, well, this is how I justified it.

I had a helicopter coming in to pick up my mate already, I had qualified medics in my team around me who could look after me if something happened to me and I had plates, ballistic plates, front and back, and I hoped that if I got hit I'd get hit in the plate rather than actually hit me, so it was a decision based on those things, it wasn't just this is what I am going to do, so it was a thought process and a plan even though it did occur really quickly before I did what I did.

So bravery for me, I don't really think what I did was really brave, it was what was required at the time.

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