Danny Blomeley - Accommodation

Running time
56 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


There was a lot of thatch huts around, but it was a small Besser block type hut with a tiled roof, with a tarp that we had to relocate fairly regularly because of the rain, so that it didn't rain. But we were right on the Mekong River, probably 20 metres from the river, whereas the rest of the military observers, they had their accommodation probably a hundred metres back into the jungle, so to speak.

Yeah. So that was my accommodation. The room, just sleep on a stretcher with a mosquito net. The room was probably a metre and a half by two metres. That was your room. And then there was a small, or sorry, a larger area, which was where the radio was kept. And we'd created a bit of a gym to keep ourselves busy in there as well. But the building's still standing today.

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