Danny Blomeley - Cambodia: An opportunity

Running time
1 min 33 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Cambodia started to get some momentum in around '91, '92. And we were aware that there was activity happening over there. So Somalia, I think was '91 and Rwanda in around the same time. I was actually an instructor at Corps Training Wing at The School of Armour at the time. So I was a young corporal, 23. And yeah, we were advised that there was going to be two positions sent from The School of Armour to Cambodia for a 12-month deployment.

So at my stage of life and where I was at, that certainly appealed. And of course, everyone at that point in time, there'd been such a long period between active service because everything that we'd been taught was really about Vietnam, so sixties into the early to mid-seventies. And all our training subsequently, particularly at Corps Training Wing was in and around the experiences learned from Vietnam. And then there was obviously a 15-year period where there really wasn't any major service required overseas. And then all of a sudden, Rwanda, Somalia and Cambodia came to the fore. So I was pretty keen to, well, that's what you join up for. It's using the analogy of training for a grand final in a game of football, but never playing your grand final so to speak. So to be given that opportunity, certainly both hands.

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